Thursday, April 26, 2012

Squid on windows 7 vista xp

Installing squid on windows platform is not so easy. Squid is written for linux later ported to windows. It has files and folders as linux bin, sbin, share, libexec. The conf file is similar apache conf file. Alll the settings are stored in the .conf files which reside in the conf folder.

First question is whether you should download the precompiled binaries or the source. if you have enough resources and knowledge about compiling linux source then you must try the source. The Source code comes in 1/4th or less data size for all linux softwares. if u can't compile then download the binaries hosted by acne.

Now i assume you have got the binaries by compiling or download. Search the squid.default.conf file. Configure the port, the allowed IP. Most essential is the host name. if u don't have a hostname write one line
visible_hostname myhost.  you can replace myhost with anyname.

after configuring complete.

Copy the cmd executable to the sbin folder. run the cmd . type squid -i this will add squid service to windows services.

then squid -z    this will create all the folders.

then type only squid this will start squid

now you can start stop squid from windows services(My Comp->r Click->manage->comp manage->Services)

if some thing bad happens and you can not start some error like 1067

the you can see what happend at /var/cahe/log
this log files show you what happened so that you can change the parameters.

you can cascade proxy servers, you can control data usage and a lot with the conf file by adding acl commands.

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