Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Sharing and Controling without Squid

There are lot more to learn about the http proxy squid. how can you add user authentication with a windows server using NCSA, and how to control bandwidth other ACL properties.

You can also use proxy PAC with proxy.pac file or full automaic client configuration with Auto proxy protocol which is linked with the DNS server.

Any way now i want to do it without a proxy server, i will use just a firewall with authentication.

There are authentication based on MAC but i want it to be browser based, what they call "Captive Portal" and the service is called "Network access control (NAC)"

These are generally used in hotspots where you can connect without any security key, and as u typed and entered a web address it will redirect to a welcome page with login GUI.

OK this is what i want and this should be installed in a windows system.

I have listed here some open source captive portal software and network access control (NAC) systems.
1.     ChilliSpot – http://www.chillispot.info
2.     Wifidog – http://dev.wifidog.org
3.     PacketFence – http://www.packetfence.org
4.     HotSpotPA – http://www.hotspotpa.com
5.     NoCat – http://nocat.net
6.     CoovaChilli – http://coova.org
7.     Utangle – http://www.untangle.com
8.     pfSense – http://www.pfsense.org
9.     PepperSpot – http://pepperspot.sourceforge.net
10. Zeroshell – http://www.zeroshell.net/eng/
11. m0n0wall – http://m0n0.ch
12. Kattive – http://www.kattive.it
13.  EasyHotSpot – http://easyhotspot.inov.asia/
14. WilmaGate - http://intelligent-optimization.org/wilmagate.html
15. Air Marshal software based for Linux platform (commercial)
16. Amazingports, Linux based software with integrated billing and payment implementing service-oriented provisioning, free and commercial
17. ChilliSpot, open source Linux daemon [abandoned]
18. CoovaChilli, open source Linux daemon based on ChilliSpot
19. LogiSense, Billing & OSS / Network Access Control (commercial)
20. m0n0wall, FreeBSD based firewall distribution
21. PacketFenceLinux based Network Access Control software featuring a captive portal (open source)
22. pfSenseFreeBSD based firewall software derived from m0n0wall
23. Untangle Captive Portal, Firewall featuring Captive Portal (Linux-based, free basic functionality, commercial directory integration)
24. WiFiDog Captive Portal Suite, small C based kernel solution (embeddable)
25. Wilmagate, C++ based and is executable both in Linux and Windows/Cygwin environments
26. ZeroshellLinux based network services distribution
27. Zentyal

From all of the above Zero shell is preferable or else use zentyal.

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