Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Domain Name Portability as easy as MNP

Hi friends have you ever registered a domain name for your personal site, business, photo collection or group,  there are several companies like Godaddy, bigRock, HostGator, indialinks which are selling domains at very cheap rate  INR 90/-, these cheap price offers are like a trap for newbies.

For example bigrock sells a .com domain at INR 90/- only , this cheap price attracts the customer but when you go to the panel it reveals all the limitations, godaddy has a limitation to number of edits in the control panel. Some times the services may be OK but the renewal price is 2 times of the market price INR 1000/- for .com domains , so the user want to know change the provider. well now how can he do that, if u are unsatisfied with only the hosting service then u can change the hosting only , u have to do only one edit, change the nameserver entry. if u want get fully disconnected from the provider then there is a option which needs some conditions like MNP for mobile phone service providers i.e. the domain most 60 days old from registration date or from last reactivation(not renewal) date. And it will give u 1 year domain rent Free from the provider as per ICANN rule. 

Domain Transfer Guide

Please read this step-by-step domain transfer guide to ensure a quick and easy transfer.
  • Verify that it's at least 60 days after your registration date or last domain transfer.

    In accordance with ICANN rules, you cannot transfer your domain to another provider until 60 days after your domain has been registered or previously transferred within the last 60 days.
  • Make sure your domain is unlocked

    Locked domains cannot be transferred. If your domain is locked, you can unlock the same from your current registrar's control panel.
  • Check your administrative contact email address

    Your current Domain Registrar and new Registrar both will send an email to your domain administrative contact to confirm your domain transfer. If you can't receive the confirmation, you won't be able to complete the transfer. If your administrative contact email address is incorrect, please change it from your current registrar's control panel.
  • Get your Domain Authorization Code

    Domain Authorization Code acts like a Password of your domain name and it is assigned by Domain Registrar when you register or transfer domain name. Domain Names can not be transferred without Authorization Code.
  • Apply for Domain Transfer with IndiaLinks

    Login to your control panel and apply for domain transfer. Your account manager will send you a confirmation as soon as your domain transfer is completed. A Domain transfer can take upto 10 days once domain transfer is authorized by the administrative contact.
  • FREE 1 year extension

    Once your domain is transferred, we will add 1 year to your domain's expiry date at no additional cost.
  • Seemless Transfers

    All domain transfers are seemless. During transfer process, name servers of your domains are not altered. You will not face any downtime due to domain transfer process.

Please note

  • ICANN rules prohibits transfer of domain name which have been registered or transferred within last 60 days.
  • If you have renewed an expired domain name with your current registrar, please wait for atleast 45 days from the previous expiry date before you apply for transfers. You will not be eligible for free 1 year extension for such domains if you transfer them within this period.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

ebox Zentyal .. i hate that

last night i was working for fbconnect for one of my applications, well they have changed the rules, if u want your application to run out of sandbox(i.e. visible to all users) you need both an http and https link for the app canvas, ok next step is to start ssl server with apache. well i enabled the ssl mod with apache and all thing gone. deactivated ssl again everything up with apache restart.

debugging into things found that two different instants of apache running with different PIDs and the second instance is also does not response ubuntu service restart command.

Second instance running with another conf file /var/lib/zentyal/conf/apache2.conf with a root folder at /var/lib/zentyal/dynamicwww/ and /usr/share/zentyal/www and listening on 443 (which was the problem which kills the apache instance)

first i tried to change the reset password and listening port with dpkg-reconfigure command, but it was all silent command no reply. i tried to uninstall ebox/zentyal and all its module

as i had installed with
apt-get install ebox
apt-get install ebox-network
apt-get install ebox-usergroups
apt-get install ebox-samba
so for the reverse i should replace install with "remove" or "purge", but still that wicked apache was running on port 443

i tried a lot of things to stop that, install uninstall, remove purge ...

lastly which did worked is

apt-get purge ebox
apt-get autoremove (which removes zentyal-samba or the ebox-samba)
and most essential step
apt-get purge zentyal-core (i was missing this everytime as the name was different)

now the service stopped yet to activate ssl mod on apache !!!!!!