Tuesday, September 18, 2018

WebODM install on openSuse

Although docker image for ODM available online i tried to install it on native Linux environment.

I started with the git hub page https://github.com/OpenDroneMap/WebODM , as per the instructions we need to install following dependencies.

  • PostgreSQL (>= 9.5)
  • PostGIS 2.3
  • Python 3.5
  • GDAL (>= 2.1)
  • Node.js (>= 6.0)
  • Nginx (Linux/MacOS) - OR - Apache + mod_wsgi (Windows)
  • Redis (>= 2.6)

As per instruction i tried "apt-get install binutils libproj-dev gdal-bin nginx" but it failed to install gdal and libproj, so i tried to install softwares one by one.

Install dev/devel version of every package, dev/devel version contain source code for the respective package which is necessary for the whole build. 


installed all of them postgre, postgre-server, postgrees-devel ..and postgre-contrib

it installed postgre10


my package manager did not find this in default server list. I dont want to additional servers. So i tried with sources. Downloaded the source package "postgis-2.4.6dev" .Unzipped and started configure.
 Now it need c compile, installed gcc but still complained about c11 support, solved with install gcc-g++

additional package needed Geos, GDAL, Proj4 all three need to be installed through source files try to install geos 3.7

You will also need to install and/or build LibXML2 and JSON-C.

after all dependencies installed you will complete configure

then make and make install

Install all of the rest

Install python3, nodejs, nginx, redis

start redis, start postgres

Now copy the webodm source to local file system, create database, configure webodm .Follow the instructions on rest of the page that will without any problem.

All the best for your ODM Server.